Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Lucid Dreams  Campers is a local company authorized by Greek Ministry of Tourism (EOT) number 1039 E81000295001. All reservations are made via Internet. By submitting a booking request, Lucid Dreams Campers will contact you for any inquiries. The reservation is considered completed when it is confirmed by Lucid Deams Campers.

All  Lucid Dreams Campers Rates are:

  • Gross in EURO
  • Subject to Terms and Conditions outlined below

Standard Rates include:

  • Unlimited kilometres
  • Basic insurance for 4×4 vehicles and Volkswagen T3 Camper/ Full Risk Insurance for the campervans (see below)
  • A 24-hour roadside assistance throughout Crete
  • Complimentary transfers in Heraklion (see below)
  • Goods & Services Tax
  • Basic cooking and living equipment supplies
  • Adventure equipment to choose among full suspension bikes, sup, yoga mattress, snorkeling gear (always depending on availability)

General Rules

  • Lucid Dreams Campers vehicles should stay in Crete island, unless other agreement has been signed in written.
  •  Lucid Dreams  are a smoke free zone. For the comfort of everyone we operate a strict No Smoking policy in the vehicles.
    pets are allowed in the vehicles.
  • All passengers must use seatbelts while vehicle is in motion.
  • When driving, always consider the height (3.5 m) and the length (5.2 m) of the campervan, be mindful of the trees, 1st floor balconies, side cliffs, etc. especially in narrow streets.
  • When driving in reverse, always advise a member of your party standing outside the vehicle.
  • Only the assigned drivers should drive the vehicle – not to be lent to other persons.
  • The hirer is responsible to ensure that the gas is off (unlocked) whilst driving and that the rear or sliding door of the vehicle is open when the gas cooker is used

Daily Hire Charges

The daily hire charges are calculated on a daily basis, not a twenty- four hour day. Rates are calculated as per night. Where a rental crosses into another season, the rate will split to allow for the new season rate. The drop off of the vehicle should be done upon the booked return date till 9.00 AM.

Office hours

All months you can call us: 09:00 – 20:00 or at any time for Urgent cases.

Drivers Requirements and License

All drivers must be 23 years of age or older and hold a current valid driver’s license for at least 1 year. An international and an original licenses are obligatory and should be held at the commencement of the hire. In the event that the above (international and original licenses) are not shown upon arrival, Lucid Deams campers reserves the right to cancel the reservation and no refund will be available. No special license is required to drive any Lucid Dreams camper van. No maximum age limit applies.

Minimum Hire Period

For campervans and 4×4 vehicles, there is a minimum rental period of five (5) days.

Deposit and payments

A 50% of the total amount to be paid by bank transaction in order to secure the booking and receive the confirmation voucher. The remaining balance (50%) of rental is due 30 days prior to the commencement of the rental period and will be deducted from the credit card provided when securing the booking. Upon arrival, the bond of 1000 EUR will be paid by credit card or cash.

If hirer is not paying promptly or the bond of 1000 EUR is not available upon arrival, Lucid Dreams Campers has the right to cancel the rental agreement without further Legal actions. This will be considered as a cancellation.

The return of the bond amount will be completed within 14 days after the rental period decreased by amounts for damages, fines or any other costs may result.

Credit Cards

Our preferred payment method is by credit card or cash payments (in Euro). We accept Visa, MasterCard and Maestro card. A surcharge fee of 3% on any credit card transaction (including the bond) applies. The name of the card holder should be the same as the driver’s license name. There is no charge for cash.


Cancellation fees are as follows:

  1. more than 60 days: totally free of charge
  2. 59 – 20 days: 40% of rental is retained by Lucid Dreams Campers
  3. 19 – 1 days: 100% of rental is retained by Lucid Dreams Campers

Cancelled on the day or No Show: 100% of rental is retained by Lucid Dreams Campers

Cancellation requests must be received in writing by email. In all cancellation cases,

If a vehicle is returned early for any reason there is no refund available. If an amendment is made to the rental dates within 70 days of collection, no refund will be made if the length of hire is decreased (that is, the rental will be charged at the number of days originally booked).

Road Restrictions – Driving

Hirers are permitted to drive their vehicle on any road in Crete except the following which are prohibited in all circumstances:

  • Any beach or unformed/gravel road in Crete. The only exceptions to this are any recognized campground access roads or road works. There are no restrictions on which roads the vehicle can be driven on, however travel on gravel or unsealed roads voids all insurance. This does not concern 4×4 vehicles.
  • Lucid Dreams Campers reserves the right at its sole discretion to restrict vehicle movements in certain areas due to adverse road or weather conditions.
  • The driver should follow the Road Traffic Code / speed limits and any instructions given by authorities.
  • No changes of any kind to the interior or the exterior of the vehicle are permitted.

Please note that if the above road restrictions are breached, all insurances will become null and void and the hirer will be liable for the full cost of any and all damages incurred.

Vehicle Substitution and Compensation

Should the vehicle booked be unavailable through unforeseen circumstances,Lucid Dreams Campers reserves the right to substitute an alternative vehicle without prior notification and at no extra cost. If there is no vehicle availability, Lucid Dreams  will pay back rental fees and security deposit. This does not entitle the hirer to claim a further refund that exceeds the already paid amount. No other claims can in any case be raised.


Regretfully, no refunds can be given for any unused portion of your holiday or even if hirer doesn’t use the vehicle at all (No Show or last minute cancellation). However, your travel insurance may in some circumstances cover the unused portion. Lucid Dreams  is not responsible for any material or immaterial damage to the hirer due to the of use of the camper or any mechanical defects. Refunds for hires paid and cancelled prior to pick up will be subject to our cancellation policy. If it is determined that a refund is due,Lucid Dreams Campers will process the refund back to the original credit card charged, or a refund cheque will be posted if payment was made by direct cash. All refunds will be made in Euro and Lucid Dreams  does not accept any liability for currency exchange rate fluctuations.

Insurance – Standard Rates

All Lucid Dreams Campervans’ standard rates include full risk vehicle insurance. All 4×4 vehicles’ (with roof tent) and Volkswagen T3 Camper’s standard rates include basic insurance. When you collect your vehicle we take an impression of your credit card for the bond amount of 1000 EUR. We do not deduct the bond from the credit card at the start of your hire, but merely hold the authority to deduct it in the unfortunate event of an accident. The impression of your credit card covers your accident/ damage bond liability plus any extra costs such as refilling fuel, cleaning, emptying of the toilet at the end of hire or any traffic infringements, losses or breakages and any related surcharges. Each separate accident will incur an excess charge. A credit card imprint must be on all rental agreements and must be the credit card of the main hirer unless prior arrangements have been made. Lucid Dreams does not accept Debit Cards for the bond imprint. Where a credit card is not available, a cash bond will be held by Lucid Dreams Campers for 14 days following the termination of the hire.


The hirer is completely liable for all damage to a Lucid Dreams Campers vehicle or third party property if:

  1. Damage is caused where the terms of the Rental Contract have been breached
  2. Damage is caused by negligence or under the influence of drugs, alcohol, other substances
  3. Damage is caused to the vehicle in any way by part or total water submersion or salt water
  4. Damage is caused to the vehicle by the renter’s wilful conduct
  5. Damage is caused to the vehicle by the use of snow chains
  6. Damage or loss is caused to any personal belongings
  7. Damage is caused due to use of incorrect or contaminated fuel
  8. Damage is caused due to fuel being placed in the water tank
  9. Damage is caused to the vehicle when using the vehicle in contravention of any legislation or regulation controlling vehicular traffic
  10. Damages to the windscreen, plastic windows and the interior of the vehicle are occurred (as they are not covered by insurance)
  11. Damages are caused to the tires and underneath of the vehicle due to potholes or driving off road.
  12. Damages are caused to the roof tent and the camping gear

The vehicles have full third party coverage with an excess amount of 1000 EUR per damage. In the case of a damage that is not covered by full risk insurance, the excess amount of 1000 EUR will be charged by the bond. In the case of whichever accident may occur, in order the full risk insurance to be valid, the hirer has to call / inform immediately and at the place of the accident, the greek authorities (100), the insurance company (210 90 99 999 or 18189) and  Lucid Dreams  (+30 6934297217).

If the security deposit is not sufficient to cover all costs of damages or missing parts, the hirer has to pay the extra amount in cash on the spot.

In the case that the hirer refuses to pay the extra amount which results all legal fees and court expenses of vehicle’s repairment will be charged to the hirer.

Lucid Dreams reserves the right to claim compensation for the damages even 5 working days after the drop off, due to the complexity and the many parts of the campervans/ vehicles, which need a lot of work to get examined and the dirt to its exterior.

Adventure equipment

Adventure accessories are available for all  Lucid Dreams Campers  free of charge. It is best to pre-order these to guarantee availability. You can still order the accessories at pick up but your first choice may not be available. Please note the Hirer is fully liable for all costs if the accessories are lost, damaged or stolen.

Cost for damaged bikes: 500 EUR/ each

Cost for damaged Sup boards: 500 EUR/ each

On-Road Assistance – Mechanical Faults

If the vehicle has any mechanical failures these problems must be reported to  Lucid Dreams as soon as possible in order to give Lucid Dreams Campers the opportunity to rectify the problems during the rental.

Please Note: This service does not cover failures resulting in the hirer’s action or inaction which includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • The vehicle running out of fuel or incorrect fuel being used
  • The keys being locked inside the vehicle or lost
  • Flat batteries caused by incorrect usage of the batteries and/or incorrect usage of any equipment that requires the batteries in order to operate
  • A breakdown resulting from damage caused in an accident
  • A breakdown caused by willful neglect
  • A breakdown caused by lack of engine oil and coolant

The hirer may be liable for a charge by the road side assistance provider in the even assistance is required for the above.

The hirer is not entitled to any refund at the end of the hire period unless Lucid Dreams  Campers has been advised of the problem earlier, and has been given the opportunity to rectify the situation. Lucid Dreams  Campers does not accept any liability for any claims made after this point.

Costs of repairs without advising Lucid Dreams  Campers, will not be paid back to the hirer. After advising Lucid Dreams  Campers and receiving the permission, the hirer should provide all the appropriate payment receipts and return the replaced parts in order to be compensated the amount of his expenses by Lucid Dreams campers.

Lucid Dreams Campers is not liable for any delay in repair caused by the breakdown occurring on a weekend or a public holiday. A refund can be requested if the breakdown has directly caused a delay in travel of 48 hours or more, if the delay is less than 48 hours in one location Lucid Dreams Campers can deny the refund request at its own discretion.

  1. Maintenance and Repairs – Equipment Faults

The hirer shall take all reasonable care to ensure that the vehicle is properly maintained. This shall include DAILY checks to the oil, coolant and batteries. The hirer shall be liable for any cost associated with the incorrect use of fuel (fuel being diesel or petrol), including putting fuel in the water tank. The failure of accessories such as gas heater, air conditioning unit, fridge and hot water heater do not constitute a breakdown. Any problems associated with the vehicles equipment, must be reported to Lucid Dreams  Campers as soon as possible and within 24 hours in order to give Lucid Dreams ampers the opportunity to rectify the problem. Failure to do so will compromise any claims as we cannot accept liability for any claims submitted after this period. Lucid Dreams Campers will endeavour to facilitate on-road repairs however should the repair not be possible or fail the hirer is not entitled to a vehicle change or compensation.

Crete has no campervan service store and all the parts that may break from a previous rental should be ordered from abroad (or other regions in Greece). That means that the replacement of the broken parts may be delayed and not ready for the next rental.  Lucid Dreams  Campers will do its best to temporarily fix any damaged parts until the genuine parts will be received. Since the campervan has no important damages (e.g. damaged water pump, toilet, vehicle’s engine, etc) and does not affect the hirers’ drive and accommodation (like damaged window, textile, locker, etc), no claims for reimbursement are accepted.

Extra Fees

  • If the toilet is not returned empty, a fee of 40 EUR will apply
  • In the event keys are lost, hirer must report this loss immediately and a fee of 40 EUR will apply plus the expenses of transportation to the vehicle’s location.

Traffic Infringements

All traffic infringements including Speeding Fines, Parking Tickets, Unpaid Toll charges and fines for camping in locations where is not normally allowed are the responsibility of the hirer. Lucid Dreams  Campers will charge the hirer’s credit card using the bond imprint given to cover the cost of the fine, even if a substantial time of the rental period has passed, as fines may be received delayed. In the circumstances of credit card failure, or no credit card is supplied then Lucid Dreams Campers reserves the right to pass on details of the hirer’s home contact to the Crete Traffic Authorities at a fee of 100 EUR.

Fuel and LPG

All vehicles are supplied with a half tank of fuel, 2 full bottles of LPG and full water reservoir at the start of the hire, and must be returned with half tank at the end of your hire. If the vehicle is returned without the half tank of fuel, the hirer is liable for the cost to refill.

  1. Delivery and Return of Vehicle

The vehicle shall be returned in a clean condition outside and inside (toilet, refrigerator, cupboards, floor), empty waste water reservoir and toilet reservoir, full the above tanks (18) on the return date in the agreement and at the location noted on the agreement.

Rental Extension & Late Return

If the hirer wishes to extend the rental whilst on hire, they must first obtain authorization from Lucid Dreams Campers who will advise of availability and the additional cost. Rental extensions are subject to fleet availability. Failure to obtain authorization (i.e. a late return) will result in the hirer being charged their daily rate plus an additional 300 EUR per day for each day the vehicle is not returned.


These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement and there are no other oral undertakings, warranties or agreements – unless agreements from both sides are made in written.

When the hirer comprises of more than one person, each person is liable jointly and severally for all obligations under this agreement

Lucid Dreams Campers reserves the right to amend these terms & conditions, vehicle specifications and tariffs at any time without prior notice.

Lucid Dreams Campers reserves the right to refuse any rental at its own discretion and cancel any rental agreement at anytime if there has been any reports of driving which breach’s any Greek law.

Our Terms and Conditions are designed to provide you with all the information you need. Of course, if you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to contact us and Lucid Dreams Campers will assist you.

Upon arrival, you will receive all legal documentations, contract, insurance and all instructions on how to use your new home and its facilities.