rent campervan crete



rent campervan crete

About Lucid Dreams

Lucid dreams is a small, family-owned business based Heraklion Crete, servicing the greater Crete area. We are proud to be the only vintage camper rental in the region.

How it started: For over a decade I’ve been a professional photographer in Crete. As a freelancer I needed a vehicle that I could live in for indeterminate lengths of time, work out of comfortably, and go just about anywhere. Naturally I had my doubts about making a 30-year old camper van my primary vehicle. But as soon as it happened, almost instantly, those doubts fell away. The van fit me like a glove.

The beauty of vintage and retro campers is you don’t need to plan as much. We started our Lucid dreams van life story out of love and passion for traveling with vintage camper vans. we are trying to live a dream life which gives us freedom, connection and simplicity. Each of us has its own story.

We’ve been on countless spontaneous trips that we otherwise wouldn’t have taken, and the memories of course are invaluable. So many of our friends that we’ve camped and traveled with have thought of owning a camper, but affordable vans in reliable condition aren’t easy to come by.

As I began doing more and more mechanical work, I realized I had an opportunity. I could share this thing that I enjoy so much, and in turn expand my own knowledge and interest. From there all I needed was a name (and a few more vans). The name came up in a lucid dream, and so it is!

It’s been an amazing business so far. I knew I’d enjoy the vans part-restoring and maintaining them. But what really surprised me is how incredible it has been helping make meaningful experiences for people.

Culture is rich, people are still real and have big hearts. We will help you to create adventure of a lifetime in Crete!


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we provide suggestions and tips, about the best places in Crete where you can stop your Motorhome, and enjoy your vacations.

The number of guests is depended on the Motorhome/Campervan you rent.

Sure you can, but you must be careful and abide by the local laws.